what we do.

symplicity foods specialises in helping chefs, home cooks, caterers and restaurants to reduce their reliance on meat. we create simple and delicious food made with fermented vegetables, that is both convenient and healthy.

in 2019.

in 2019, Neil Rankin began experimenting with fermented vegetables to prove that plant-based ‘meats’ could still taste incredible without lots of processed powders. as a professional chef and a trained butcher who is world renowned for cooking meat, who better to make something to replace it?


today, symplicity foods is a uk-wide supplier to the restaurant and catering industry, working with some of the top restaurants and Michelin star chefs. the symplicity product range began with burgers and sausages, and now includes minces, sauces and much more. all this is thanks to a passionate team and Neil’s business partners Alan and Mark Wogan. 

new products.

we are a continuous new product development company and we pride ourselves in solving clients' problems by creating bespoke products for them. by employing a zero-waste' production ethos, it pushes us to create distinctive products out of natural waste, just like our n’duja and ragu. we already make a variety of sauces from fermented tomato water to use as a substitute for cooking sauces, enhancing sauces, and dips. we’re also working on developing our own misos and flavour enhancers using surplus ingredients.

the future.

we’re excited to find out what we’ll be creating in the future. knowing that it will always keep to our ethos of supporting sustainable and local agriculture we trust, as well as adopting a ‘low air mile’ approach to reduce our carbon footprint. our main focus will always be flavour, but we don’t believe it has to cost the earth. with the industry flooded with products either offering flavour or sustainability, we’ve made it our personal mission that you will never have to choose between the two. 

Our favourite products.