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“I truly believe this could be the future of food” – Tim Spector. Watch the video to see Tim take you behind the scenes for how we make our sausages in our London factory.
we joined forces with Butcombe Pubs for a night of forward-thinking and delicious plant-based food and perfect beer pairings. watch the highlights of our amazing ‘secret supper club’.
Tim Spector sat down with The Guardian to explain nine tips from his book ‘Food for Life’ on how prioritising your food choices can help save the planet.
voted 10/10, Paul’s “The Vegan Trimmings Sandwich”, featuring symplicity fennel & sausage crumb is “the best version of a vegan sandwich, without a morsel of processed-meat-look alike in sight”.
“for me, that’s meat alternative 2.0” – Tim Spector. Dr. Rupy Aujla from The Doctors Kitchen Podcast sat down with Professor Tim Spector on an episode about the future of food. listen to the full episode here.
Rankin’s company Symplicity Foods is now supplying premium burger chains and restaurants in the UK, including Gordon Ramsay’s Street Burger.
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