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the sauce range.

the sauce range

The Minces.

Our Symplicity mince is cooked down in healthy fats with lots of spicing. A full flavoured punch of flavour to lift any meal. Ideal for topping a pizza, filling a taco or adding to pasta, noodles, rice or a salad. Simply reheat in the oven, or in a saucepan or toss through hot food.

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The N’duja.

Made from fermented tomato pulp, Symplicity mince, chilli oil and spices. Super spicy and deep flavour. Can be enjoyed cold, as a topping, as a filling or on a pizza or mixed into a stew or sauce. A versatile condiment to liven up any dish.

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The Sauces.

Made from fermented tomato water and a little flavoured oil these sauces are a low fat alternative to most dairy sauces. You can use them cold as a dip or sauce or as a béchamel alternative to add to lasagnes, thicken and enrich soups, ramen stocks, finish risottos or toss through pasta. Can also be grilled on a pizza topping as an alternative to cheese or grilled on a burger or hot sandwich.

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